1. workingonausername:

    Markiplier just became my favorite Youtuber

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  3. troyesivan:

    permanent to do list

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  4. lakilester:

    No one get’s lynched for exfoliating is the greatest come back I’ve ever witnessed.

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  6. lucyintheskywithstarofdavids:


    Not even lion

    This is the best post I have seen all day

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  7. itsstuckyinmyhead:

    Best Tumblr Responses 

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  8. mirror:

    If women catcalled men (X)

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    1. me: I should go shower now
    2. (five minutes later)
    3. (another five minutes later)
    4. (yet another five minutes later)
    5. (more five minute intervals)
    6. someone: (goes into the bathroom)
    7. me: wow fuck you I was JUST about to go take a shower